Urban Giants

The Urban Giants series is an enduring gallery of fine art compositions delving into humanity’s relentless pursuit of ascension through architectural marvels. These evocative images, painstakingly conceived and captured by the photographer across diverse locales, narrate the eternal yearning for vertical transcendence, from the 2013 to the present.

Into the Dark Sky

Towering Twins

All That Glass

Mirrored Tower

Glass Crown

Rising Chicago

Looming Skyscrapers

Curves Fade

Two Faces


Inside the Tunnel


Glass and Sphere

The Futurist’s Pyramid

Feeling Kinda Edgy


Three Monoliths

Skyward Grid

The Tree That Escaped the Crowded Forest

Offset in the Tower

Modernist Trapezoids


Up in the Dallas Sky

Glass Facets

Up in the Blue Sky

Angular Sky

Two Tall